Dirty Betting Industry Tricks (Uncovered)

Betting Industry Tricks

Bookies get your back up? Not sure to trust the media? Fed up of being restricted?

Well pull up a seat, a few things need sharing.

For the average punter; let’s open your eyes…

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What Punter’s Don’t Realise:

Let’s keep it short, because it’s a constant frustration of mine… betting successfully is ONLY about value.

This magical type thinking that you just have to pick winners is ludicrous. Profiting through betting has 0% to do with ‘picking a winner’ and 100% to do with the price at which you just got the bet.

So when you see the racing post screaming for joy at pricewise’s latest winner, take a look at the facts. What price was it advised at? Did anyone get that price?

…I rest my case.

If you pick any selection at the right price, you’ll emerge a winner over the long term. Whereas if you pick a whole load of winners at the wrong price, you lose. Sadly, many average punters don’t get this. It’s exacerbated by the betting industry media in most cases too, but it would be – bookmakers are their main source of income.

When you consider some of these horrendous margins that bookies push, it’s no wonder there’s flash TV ads and free bets at every street corner… it’s all an elaborate trick. Don’t be fooled.

So, assuming you didn’t know this already – what should you do?

Use Exchanges More…

STILL in 2018 it seems that the average betting man doesn’t know the difference between bookmaker and betting exchange (video explanation here).

It’s not surprising when some betting companies offer both. Below are the 4 exchange providers

smarkets logo

betfair logo

matchbook logo

Betdaq logo




The trick is to make sure you’ve got the exchange tab selected when using the likes of Betfair, for casual bettors it becomes confusing – they look the same.

But Why? What’s BETTER About Exchanges?

Simple; there’s only a fraction of the margin involved on betting transactions. This is why you get professional traders on a betting exchange, and professional ‘tipsters’ with bookmakers (telling you how to spend your money). As YouTube viewers will know – bookmakers just stop winning accounts dead in their tracks.

This is also why bookmakers hate betting exchanges. It’s a eBay v’s retailer kind of situation.

Multi Layered Problem:

So why isn’t this common knowledge in the betting world? After all, it’s better for the end user.

Easy, the betting industry is a funny one. Full of lies, deceit, high commission, and biased opinion. The TV channels and racing papers are the worst protagonists. Not to mention the social media accounts that do various ‘challenges’.

From top to bottom, bookies pay best – so they get to buy viewers attention. Even if that means some level of censorship in the process. There’s no point complaining though, it’s always been this way – and there’s not much sign of it changing. You just have to…

Look Out for Numero Uno…

Sad but true. If you want to succeed in the world of betting, you’ve got to keep your senses sharp and look after number one. Although there are some, not many will lead you closer to success. In a lot of ways, depending on how you look at it, betting is a zero sum game.

But the worst is yet to come (in my opinion). Aside from those horrible casino style machines, bookmakers cash-out is a terrible offering. If you didn’t realise the difference between bookies and exchanges its likely this one’s go you too! Double tricked!

Here’s why…

Did this open you us to a viewpoint you hadn’t yet seen? If so, knock yourself out! Share it about on the social buttons below…

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9 thoughts on “Dirty Betting Industry Tricks (Uncovered)

  1. “If you pick any selection at the right price, you’ll emerge a winner over the long term. Whereas if you pick a whole load of winners at the wrong price, you lose”

    That is not true. The former gives you a better chance and the latter a smaller chance of emerging a winner. There are no guarantees. A value bet has to be value bet AND win to get a payout. A bad value bet can still win and give you a payout.

    1. Hi ‘Joe Soap’

      So you’re suggesting that you can emerge a winner over the long term by betting at negative value. This fallacy about ‘just gotta find a winner’ is total sh!te. It’s just industry guff that’s fed to the naive to make them think they can win, stimulating their uncontrollable bias for short-term riches. To win, you must seek value – much like buying and selling anything, cars, houses or betting odds. Think about it… or wasn’t this a sensible comment given the name submitted? Who knows…

  2. How does value apply to trading? I understand that if for example someone offers me say 5.00 for heads on a coin toss, then I’ve massive value as true odds are evens. How do you apply value to trading order flow? I’ve often been trading and thought ‘that price looks too high’ so backed it and traded it out for a few tics when momentum stops. Why not just leave the trade open?

  3. Dickens quoted , income from wages for the week, = 1 pound, expenditure 1 pound and sixpence. misery. OR
    income for the week, 1 pound , expenditure 19 shillings and sixpence . paradise .
    relate the principle to right prices for the same outlay and Caan Berry is right .

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