Enemy Number #1: Bookmakers Fear Him (Book Review)

Enemy Number One Book

“the candid explanations and realistic story makes it an interesting and thought provoking read”

Review: Enemy Number One by Patrick Veitch

Overall rating: 9/10


You don’t often get a book about how a successful bettor has taken +£10 million in 8 years. Quiet a difficult task.

Enemy number one does just that. Although it won’t show you the exact specifics, there’s plenty of detail about how Patrick Veitch managed to get a jump on everyone else. Including sectional timing of horses, before it was even a thing.

There is a fair amount of bet recollections in this book. Maybe a little more than required, (and some bragging) but it’s a good account of how this man become the bookies most feared customer at the time. As always, another big winner is a ‘numbers man’.

We have rated this a 9/10 read. The candid explanations and realistic story makes it an interesting and thought-provoking read.

Positive Points:

  • Riveting story
  • Shares logical explanation
  • Concisely written

Negative Points:

  • Racing terminology
  • Excessive bragging

Recommended For…

It’s a good title for a broad range of readers. If you are interested in the trials and tribulations of successful punting, the drama of those who target successful bettors or how Mr Veitch found an edge it’s going to be of interest.

From an entertainment and storytelling perspective, this is a great book. However, if you seek analytical strategy – it’s limited.

Where to get Enemy Number One…

Formats available: Paperback | Hardcover | Digital (via Kindle).

See more detail by clicking here: Enemy Number One by Patrick Veitch

Alternatives: Paperback and Hardback copies can sometimes be found on eBay although this is an older book now.

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