Last updated December 8th, 2016

Hey all, thought it’s about time i took some time out to broaden my knowledge a bit, the way its all going with Betunfair at the moment it dosen’t look particularly good for the future. Obviously it’s not going to just disapear and theirs a good chance we might see a complete move to Betdaq over time but thought it wouldn’t hurt to start looking into other avenue’s even if its for a bit of part time interest providing it don’t prove costly!

So why forex? well having looked around a little it appears the better option because theirs less commission costs than other area’s. Only time will tell but it looks interesting to say the least! and i love a challenge! Ha….
Now all i need is to find the back and lay buttons and begin my accent apon this mamoth task!!

If only it was going to be as small at the Fan…… fond memories!

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