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Betdaq Trading Brings 20-60% MORE Profits, Here’s Why…

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Is Betdaq Trading The Future?

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Betdaq trading currently offers 20-60% MORE profit to winning traders…

And it didn’t crash again at the weekend either!

It’s not hard to see how many customers are disgruntled with Betfair if you look at their ‘Helpdesk’ account on twitter.

They routinely tax consistent exchange traders (depending on the amount of profit and generated commission) and then just refer to terms and conditions when the API crashes, which if you’ve been trading for any time will know it’s too often.

Yesterday was no exception… and so the ‘Helpdesk’ becomes the ‘Sorrydesk’ that never provides any explanation as to why it failed again. You can’t help but wonder why the current CEO Breon Corcoran has just been awarded a £10,000,000 bonus. Apparently he’s ‘turned the online betting exchange around’… more like killed it and joined the list of conventional bookmaker in my opinion.

So where does that leave us traders? Of course there’s still plenty of cash to be made… loads of it in fact, but where can we get the best return from our efforts?

Betdaq trading seems to be the answer. Liquidity isn’t the same just yet, but things are certainly improving!

Betdaq Trading Is Becoming A Feasible Alternative…

Betdaq trading has been difficult previously, purely due to the lack of money available to match. It’s a bit like trading a Dundalk race at 9pm on a Friday. Nobody’s watching, the racing isn’t that interesting and everyone’s too busy getting pissed. Who could blame them, right?

[Betdaq trading earlier this week]Betdaq Trading Strategies

However, over the last year there has been a few changes. While the markets still remain a bit ropey on a Monday – Thursday, the remainder of the week is a bit more lively. Betdaq trading is an option over the weekend.

It’s hard to tear yourself away from the other exchange, particularly if you prefer to scalp the prices for a few ticks here and there near to the start. Longer term trades though are quite possible.

The hardest part I find is; exiting the trade.

Have a look above, and then below. The price bounced a little, I was a bit twitchy as I had open trades on Betfair at the same time but it took several ticks to exit in full (due to limited liquidity).

When you weigh up the potential premium charge differences though, it’s not really a problem for this kind of trade at all.

[Betdaq trading on Friday]

Betdaq Trading Strategies

Betdaq Trading – The Positives…

The current liquidity is pretty much the only negative for Betdaq trading. With an increase in liquidity on Betdaq and Betfairs increase in incompetency, the future path to Betdaq trading is likely to be littered with gold! In the short-term at least.

As with everything, those that got in first are often in the best opportunity to capitalise. So if you’re just getting into Betfair or Betdaq trading these kind of changes could be a great advantage. And for those already making money on Betfair, it’s even better!

Reduced commission is another positive, it may not seem like a lot but Betdaq’s current commission structure is far more beneficial to Betdaq traders than elsewhere. Over the course of a few thousand markets it soon adds up!

My personal favourite being, there are no ‘Premium Charges’. Hence the headline, a whopping saving of 20-60% for highly profitable traders. For pre-race horse racing traders its big news due to the way Premium Charges are calculated.

Obviously there are no promises on this front, but I’ve never witnessed a Betdaq crash either. Unlike Betfair at the weekend!

Betdaq Trading Strategies 3

[Betdaq trading on as I write this post]

This morning, while writing this post I’ve had a ‘early trade’. Just as a tester more than anything…

There’s not a lot of information to go off in the market at all, which makes business a little trickier. But with Betfair as my guide I’ve managed to make a few quid.

From a stake of £109 that’s not too bad so far… If longer term trading’s your thing then Betdaq trading’s highly advisable. The scalpers may have to wait a little longer though, or be a little selective.

Hopefully there will be more improvements for Betdaq trading in the coming months!

HELP! explain to me what Betdaq trading is and how it works…

Update: In-case you was wondering how the trade above panned out….

Similar stakes were used on Betfair. The main difference being, due to market noise I managed to exit the position at a better price.

On the other hand, there’s no additional charges for me using Betdaq.

Betdaq Trading comparisson

Betdaq trading Account – If you haven’t already got one you can HERE.

Betdaq trading FAQ’s –

Where can I get Betdaq trading Software?

A few of the different software vendors that operate on Betfair have a Betdaq version. I use the geeks toy for both, you can grab a copy HERE

How much does Betdaq trading software cost?

At the moment Betdaq trading software is free. I’d imagine if it become a leading player in on-line betting exchanges that may change, but make the most of it for now!

What is Betdaq trading?

Betdaq trading is just the same a s Betfair trading. If this is the first time you’ve come across it there is an explanation on this link HERE.

What’s your best Betdaq trading advice?

All the usual advice applies, although I’d also make a point to use smaller stakes. When markets are thin in liquidity it’s a lot tougher to get bets matched where you would like. By reducing stake sizes and picking trading opportunities carefully you can still succeed, but keep disciplined. A bad decision in poor liquidity can mean giving away extra profits.

How much can I make from Betdaq trading?

Everyone who’s just discovered this always asks this question. The answer is always the same: you’re the limiting factor. Others before you, and I have made huge sums of money from betting exchangers online. You only have to look HERE. How much you can make from Betdaq trading will depend on your style, time invested, sports traded and mental approach.

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18 thoughts on “Betdaq Trading Brings 20-60% MORE Profits, Here’s Why…

  1. i am convinced that betfair sometimes do it on purpose.maybe i’m being paranoid but i have noticed it happens a lot on the irish racing especially in the evening when people won’t make such a fuss. loads of times recently the market just freezes for a while or just stays make me wonder if they do it on purpose so there team can dive in and rake up a load of money and no one can trade out. it would be like having the whole market to your self,also i wonder in the in play markets like racing and tennis where there is a delay for us but i bet you they don’t have a delay and they probably have a team of traders working for them making them shit loads.on the tennis you can often see when the price will go up or down as a load of money will start stacking up on the back or the lay side and dissapering on the opposite side and so imagine if you were the only one without a delay.i reckon that’s why they put a delay on in play markets in the first place .something to think about.

  2. If Betdaq does gain popularity and volume of traffic/users increases then they will have the same reliability issues as betfair most likely. At the moment nobody complains if Betdaq is down as not many people use it. Obviously competition is good so any recognition betdaq gets or any new exchange providers that enter market will be good for traders but at the moment Betfair is the market leader and not much competition so can get away with what they want. All we can do is keep letting them know of our dissatisfaction and hope they improve until a viable alternative comes along and they start losing business..

  3. Two step authentication lacking from Betdaq, as a security issue that’s not great.

    But in all other respects, great to have competition.

  4. Interesting article Caan. I have been trading on Betdaq since their inception. Liquidity, particularly during the week, has been on low side historically. The recently adopted commission structure of 2% for all bet offers is a clever move by Betdaq and, once the small traders and the beleaguered punters at Betfair catch on and switch, this incentive will reduce the put/call margin and improve that liquidity for every market; I have great hopes of large trades even on a rainy Monday at Plumpton!

  5. i have been twice stung by betfair going down/suspending when i have been trading(twice within short period of 6 months–i too wonder if this is deliberate!!!) and have lost ALOT of money due to this and in return achieved a £10 sorry voucher–it is extremely dangerous to your financial well being to trade on betfair–and as a happy direct consequence of this i have become a much better bettor and getting better everyday!!!! its far less stressful

  6. Very, very, interesting article from Caan, have sent this out on social media. And lovely timing as am imminently starting pre-race trading on Betdaq. I don’t get why there isn’t a mass migration from Betfair by all the people that get hit by the commission charge. That would be an awful lot of volume and would surely make up most of the volume that is currently lacking on Betdaq, no? Props to Ladbrokes for bringing in the 2% offer charge and the new interface is the best it’s ever been. The future’s bright, the future’s purple. :o) xx

  7. Reckon you could stick a video up or two on the Video Pack of a couple of markets traded on Betdaq? After being stung from being unable to trade out of a position on the football on Saturday I’m thinking of having a look at it. I’m assuming liquidity must be okay for big league games much the same as it is for larger racing meets?


  8. Nice article. Very useful. In think Betdaq is very close to be the future of betting because they gain more and more popularity these days. Trading on Betdaq is very simple and I enjoyed that.

  9. does betdaq have the in running cash out option? When a race or football match starts it seems to disappear from my screen

  10. I too have had this problem. I think it’s time we all contacted the Gambling Commission because it happens all too often, and the when you complain they throw the, ‘tough titty’ routine. I threatened them with the gaming authorities, but I think Betfair is absolutely rank now. Since the became a Sportbook as well, they couldn’t give a fig. If I soaked you a computer or to that kept freezing or switching off, you would expect a refund, but Betfair throw their, terms and conditions at you. How can that be right, or is the commission getting backhanders as well.

    Love all the great insights you give us Caan. Bless you and may good fortune be with you always!

  11. Hi Caan. First of all, thank you for all the great articles you share. It’s of great use to those of us who are trying out trading. I was wondering what your thoughts are about pre-race liquidity on Betdaq two and a half years since you wrote this. I’m trying out pre-race trading and would like to know if it’s feasible on Betdaq. Many thanks!

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