January round up

Well this month I started the £100,000 challenge in 2014.


Just about everything has gone wrong so far! I planned to have a week off in Tenerife which I did so it was always going to be a 3 week month, the first week of the month went well. The third after a break away turned into utter disaster when I had some personal issues to tend to meaning I moved property.

Ever since I havent had a stable internet connection – at this point in a previous post you can see how I made a foolish rookie error costing myself a cool £1.9k, kindly a friend allowed me to use the internet at his house until the 31st! Now im just waiting for it to be installed here on the 3rd!

This months result:

So with all the problems, time off and losses included I don’t think it’s too harsher result to accept. February is another month of the year where the cards tend to be a bit bleak with plenty of abandoned meetings, March should be when things start to heat up so although I’ve started this challenge behind I fully expect it to pick up pace with the target being manageable!

If you’re trading today it looks like a steady card, very tempting although I’ll be leaving it until I don’t have to rely on this unreliable ‘WiFi hotspot’ Good luck!


Also if you havent already check out my previous post to join in!!

One thought on “January round up

  1. Glad to hear the month ended ok for you mate, I have personally found it very difficult to find time to trade lately with some heavy work commitments. I did however manage to trade almost all afternoon yesterday and had my best results so far with +£20 to only £10 stakes from 20 races 🙂

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