Ladbrokes Stake Limited You? | What You Need to Know…

ladbrokes account limited

Has Ladbrokes closed your account or stake limited you? Don’t be shocked, it’s a lot more common than you think.

Millions of betting accounts are closed and restricted every single year by companies like Ladbrokes. They know what they’re doing isn’t fair, which is why so many people don’t find out about the restrictions and limitations until it’s happened to them.

This article will explain why it happens, when you’re likely to be affected and if you can do anything about it in response…

In short, our advice would be to use a sports exchange instead. Exchanges don’t limit winners – grab an account here.

Why Do Ladbrokes Limit Winning Accounts?

Yes, Ladbrokes are known for banning and limiting winning betting accounts. In the past, it was only a problem for the shrewdest gamblers. However, over the last decade, Ladbrokes and other large betting companies have drastically reduced the winning threshold. The use of technology helps to maximise their profit margins by stopping those who beat them dead in their tracks.

Take a look at the image below, it’s not uncommon to be restricted to a 25 pence bet these days…

ladbrokes stake limited

They do this with good reason. If they don’t close the account fully, they can say ‘we do not close winning accounts’ and some users will continue to the casino, where they can’t win. However as you can see, the stark reality is; there’s no point in placing a 25 pence bet unless it’s purely for leisure. Money-making is forbidden.

Effectively this is a shadowban from Ladbrokes.  Sure you can still bet, but you can’t make any money from them.

They know that limiting your maximum return like this means that winners will simply go away, leaving the mug gamblers to fill their pockets

So the next question is…

What Can You Do About Ladbrokes Restricting Your Account?

Account restrictions are covered in the small print of Ladbrokes terms and conditions. There’s very little you can do about the account restriction itself. However, if they are refusing payout I would suggest following the steps later on in this article.

In the past, I’ve seen other people suggesting multi-accounting. However, I wouldn’t recommend that as it’s a legal grey area. Your best option if you wish to continue betting is to get an Exchange account.

It’s a dirty way to operate although just about every large betting brand now employs this tactic. In some cases, they take things a little further though, refusing payout.

If Ladbrokes Refuse to Payout…

It’s very sad to say, but it’s not uncommon that companies like Ladbrokes refuse to pay out winnings. Sometimes refunding the initial stake whilst claiming the bet has been cancelled, much like this article here in the Guardian.

If this should happen to you then I would suggest taking the following steps shared in this YouTube video here.

Make sure you watch the video in full and carry out the earlier steps before hitting up the heavier action. There’s just no point in going to court and encountering expensive fees if you haven’t already used IBAS. They’re an independent body set up to deal with such disputes.

In most cases, if Ladbrokes know they are in the wrong they will settle the outstanding dispute very quickly.

How Much Will Ladbrokes Let You Win?

It’s a difficult question to answer because nobody knows except Ladbrokes. However, I can tell you that Ladbrokes limited my betting account to £1 stakes after winning just a few hundred pounds. I suspect it’s not so much to do with how much money you have won, as large VIP customers routinely bet very large stakes and are welcome with Ladbrokes.

The question is more about value. If you are betting at value and you beat the starting line, then you will always emerge the winner over the longer term. So if they flag your account as taking value and beating their odds (being smart) they will restrict your stakes and limit your account.

This is the Ladbrokes Life…

Unfortunately, this might not have been what you wanted to hear but this is the Ladbrokes life!

Hopefully this article has been useful for you if you have been stake restricted or had your betting account limited with Ladbrokes. The only real solution to long-term winning is to open an account with a betting exchange, where they won’t limit or restrict you from winning.

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One thought on “Ladbrokes Stake Limited You? | What You Need to Know…

  1. Greetings from Australia. I really enjoy your YouTube Channel!

    Bet 365, recently blocked me from betting on a horse race, with a stake of about $65 AUD. Before that I was using a Martingale system with a starting bet of 0.5% of my betting bank. Apparently, The Maximum Stake Allowed is $50. I’ve therefore looked at betting exchanges, in particular those on The Betinasia platform. (Betfair have banned me, for reasons that are unclear.) Although I’m not sure I would find the liquidity I’m seeking, on exchanges. In other words, would by bets always get matched?

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