Released: Pre-Race Guide Upgrade. Huge Improvement…

Trading Guide Update

Finally it’s done!

In a recent post, I mentioned I’d started work on upgrading and improving the Pre-Race Trading Guide.

What started out as a few improvements developed somewhat. Despite the time taken, I’m glad it did. The most current version is miles better than previous versions.

Here’s what’s been improved (free of charge for existing users)… 

What’s Changed?

Since earlier versions of the guide, a few things have changed. For the main part; my ability to convey and explain my thoughts and goings on within the markets, in a simple manner.

By nature the racing markets are relatively complex, explaining what’s going on hasn’t always been so easy. Now it’s been nipped in the bud, so to speak.

Apart from some new areas of interest, many of the previous chapters exist, although are now explained in a lot more depth.

A quick rundown shows:

  • 12,276 extra words
  • 5 new images
  • 63 additional pages

Earlier in the year, there was also a video example (with audio explanation) and some basic setup clips added.

Technical changes:

Whilst improving the trading guide, my tech assistant has also improved the viewer on your user dash. Whilst there isn’t a huge change it has a few extra benefits such as full-screen viewing and smoother scrolling.

Viewing the Improvements:

Existing Users: since the initial release, there have been changes to the site structure. Those on the old system had an email to migrate a while ago. If you missed it, try logging in using the header bar at the top of this page. Your username or registered email should let you reset the password. If you cannot access via the new user login here. Contact user support with your transaction ID and registered email so we can fix it for you.

The new, updated version is now live, ready to view. Accessible from your user dashboard.

Just log in, that’s it!

If you cannot see the new update after logging in, you may need to clear your browser cache.

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15 thoughts on “Released: Pre-Race Guide Upgrade. Huge Improvement…

  1. Hope one of those extra words is “millionaire”! Great achievement on the update. Free update decision is to be applauded.If people are looking to take something from your approach they should start with quality and professionalism. Keep it up.

  2. You have an uncanny knack of hiding the obvious.
    Where can I find the “Update” to download?
    Make it simple and life will be sweet, Caan.

    1. Hi Wallygog,

      Sorry to be so abrupt but; with reference to ”Make it simple and life will be sweet” and ”You have an uncanny knack of hiding the obvious”.

      It is simple, really simple, in fact it couldn’t be simpler; and it’s not even hidden!!!

      As per the post – contact the support if you have an account related problem.

      Not comment on the blog, or the facebook page, or tweet, or comment on the YouTube channel, or instagram.

      Simple: contact support (with your purchase ID / Email – Sorry, the crystal ball has stopped working).

      If you have any way of making it simpler; I’m all ears.

  3. Him Caan, I purchased the Pre Race Trading Guide from you on the 24/11/2016. I’m not sure if i qualify for the upgrade as I’m unable to log in to your site. I can still get the original guide I purchased using the original log in. That document is 56 pages long, not sure if that is the updated version or not.

    1. Hi Nigel,

      Of course you’re included. I’ll have the support rep look up your contact and make sure it’s fixed for you today.


        1. Hi Nigel,

          This has been passed to support who will follow up. You’ll get a quicker response from them than here 🙂

          Sure it’ll be fixed up in the next hour or so.


  4. Hi Cann,

    Having spent all of last night reading I’m blown away. Truly awesome! I would have happily paid for this update. Much appreciated.


  5. Great stuff Caan, time for my 3rd read through then 🙂

    Really appreciate that you don’t try and charge again for the update which seems pretty sizeable. A lot of people would!


  6. Great work, Caan. I love the guide. Expertly written. I regularly make use of it and I find that the proper terminology is very useful. Kudos.

  7. Hi Caan.
    I hope you are very well.
    I’m totally beginner and I’m not sure which course will be best for me. Can you give me some advice please ?

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