BANNED From Sports Betting: How and Why Online is for Losers…

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For regular readers of this site it’s nothing new, but for everyone else – YES it’s true…

Getting banned or “stealth banned” is a very real threat for sharp sports bettors. It’s been happening in the UK and Europe for years, but now the USA has come online – it’s happening there too.

DraftKings CEO openly admitted they are now taking this interview. FanDuel and MGM Bet have been reported as doing exactly the same too!

If you’re confused, check it out as I explain how and why I got banned from sports betting (including all the numbers).

So as you can see, sports betting online is a bit of a loser’s game if you’re using a sportsbook or not willing to play cat and mouse with accounts.

But if you are, these three options will be of interest…

Software to Help YOU Win Too?

There is software out there that will help your sports betting. Knowing which one will help most depends on your approach and strategy, so here are a few suggestions…

Arbitrage Software:

As explained in the video, you don’t have to use software for arbitrage. However, it will speed things up somewhat. OddsJam appears to be the leading provider, covering several countries with an array of tools. There are others in Europe although they aren’t of use for US sports bettors and come with a significantly higher price tag.

Ultimately it’s up to the user, but using some API software and quick fingers might be more effective at times.

Matched Betting Software:

In the UK there is a handful of software available for matched betting – the practice of bonus arbitrage.

Profit Rush and Odds Monkey are both recommended. The former is free and the latter has deeper functionality. Unfortunately, the prohibitive checks used by bookmakers have made it less profitable in recent years although there’s still plenty of cash to be made.

For US readers, OddsJam also has this covered.

Trading Software:

If you’re sports trading it’s crucial that you use software of some kind. There are several reviews of different software’s on this blog, although Geeks Toy is my go-to. It has all the features of use, is one of the fastest in terms of functionality and at a low price.

Trading software can also be useful for value betting and arbitrage. It won’t help you predict a football draw but it will help you beat sportsbook prices by tracking fast-paced exchange prices in real-time. This can be a real advantage.

YouTube Tutorial: How to Always Win Sports Betting | 5 Step Guide

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  1. Arbitrage Betting is a particular example of trading after which our account may be gubbed. That’s why it is sometimes worth to play the biggest and most popular markets to prevent this from happening :)!

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