Trading the US Horse Racing markets….

A few people have asked just recently if I trade the US horse racing markets on Betfair. In short, I don’t anymore because without wanting to sound like a fool it’s not worth my time when I could be putting all my effort int trading the UK racing markets where there is more possibility to make larger sums. However, I wouldn’t deter anyone from giving it a go as I used to do it routinely in the earlier stages of learning my craft on Betfair.

Largely the US races are very un-liquid although it’s quite possible to make a few quid from them at least, the better quality ones with more liquidity you can make even more.  Recently a guy has been posting up on the GeeksToy forum lately who makes living trading the greyhounds! Now if it can be done on the greyhounds I don’t doubt it can be done on the USA racing.

If your starting out the market principles are similar so it’s a good place to learn after work as I did. The biggest problem as I stress in the clip below being getting caught in-play. My advice would be pure and simple, don’t let it happen. It can often be a test of patience too which can be frustrating but is actually quite useful when you think about getting used to being disciplined in your approach be it any particular market.

Hopefully, the clip will be of use if you’re interested in having a go, or even if you’ve tried but had the problem of getting caught in-play with the random start times!

2 thoughts on “Trading the US Horse Racing markets….

  1. Good vid. Will keep the info in mind when trading the Australian horse racing markets. Any chance of an Aussie racing video? Cheers.

    1. Hey Alan, the Australian ones are past my bedtime too 😉 I’ve dabbled even less with them in the past although i’d say they are pretty similar to the US racing!! Im not so sure about the delays etc though.

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