World Cup Day 9: Betfair Trading Qatar 2022

A new week at the World Cup. We have the last few second round fixtures today before we move to matchday three with the final group games on Tuesday.

This is my favourite part of the tournament because teams have a clear goal of what they need to do, and you can feed into that from a trading point of view. Hopefully, we land some very nice trades this week. Let me know how the World Cup has been going for you in the comments below too!

The schedule for Monday is:

  • Cameroon v Serbia 10am
  • South Korea v Ghana 1pm
  • Brazil v Switzerland 4pm
  • Portugal v Uruguay 7pm

Cameroon v Serbia Trading Options 10 am:

Not the most glamorous start! Massive game for these too though after they both lost their opening games. Our Switzerland outright trade started OK – no major movement yet, but they could be in a good spot to get out of the group after this. Ideally, we see a draw here. Brazil looked a little average in the first half against Serbia but got the job done in the second while Switzerland got the job done against Cameroon. In my opinion, both sides look pretty poor to me. Serbia have a good reputation after topping a qualifying Group with Portugal in it, but we all know that was lucky with the way that happened. The trouble I see with this fixture is that most of the stats scream unders, but it’s likely a draw is no good for either side so they’ll have to open up at some stage. Perhaps target a small early under 2.5 goals trade but keep stakes very low. I have trust issues with this game, lol. Serbia look a little short at 1.75 too, but nothing to get excited about.

South Korea v Ghana Trading Options 1 pm:

The trading is so poor today, it’s a shame I don’t have a strong opinion on this game. It would have been nice to trade it, at a good time in the day but this is where discipline kicks in. I don’t fancy anything here, no strategies from the Football Course fit, and that’s when to walk away. Just because this is at a good time for me, doesn’t mean I should trade it. That’s when you lose. Simple as.

Brazil v Switzerland Trading Options 4 pm:

Anyone who read my Outright preview will know I’m a big fan of Switzerland, so it will be interesting to see how they play against the Samba Boys. Brazil have shortened in the outright market already; not sure I agree with that. I will form a better opinion of them after this game. My trading plan is a two-sided approach here. My thoughts are that Switzerland will perform better than the market is expecting, and I’m keen to either lay Brazil at the right time or get on under 2.5 goals. I expect Switzerland to sit back, so possibly after seeing how play develops in the opening 5-10mins, target the under 2.5 goals trade, then get out by at least the 25-30th minute and see where we stand in the match odds market. The market won’t be in a rush to move out Brazil, so it’ll be best to wait for moments of accelerated time decay as we come up to half-time and then see where we stand heading into the final 30-20 minutes to go in again. I could be totally wrong, but I expect Switzerland to do well here. With Brazil in the 1.5’s, that could be a profitable opinion! They are the tournament favourites for a reason though, so I won’t get too confident.

Portugal v Uruguay Trading Options 7 pm:

Cracker to finish the day. I thought Uruguay might be the dark horses in this group but they didn’t even record a shot on target against South Korea. That was disappointing, and as I said the other day – you go into the World Cup with opinions on different sides, and then they play it either proves you were correct or you need to go back to the drawing board. I’m at the drawing board with Uruguay, but I equally know that they can do better. I’m simply just not sure on which way I see this game going, so I’m going to sit this one out. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Uruguay actually win though, they have it in them. Another average performance though and I’ve been totally wrong on their squad quality.

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3 thoughts on “World Cup Day 9: Betfair Trading Qatar 2022

  1. You post the forecast in hindsight for the last couple of days, it is more interesting to read when posted in advance of the games.

    1. Everything is written in advance, although the server somehow missed the schedule for two of the posts so they went up a couple of hours later. I’d assume it was this one maybe. Today is already up 🙂

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