Best Statistics Sites For Trading Football in 2024

The beautiful game turns over millions of pounds every week. It is the most popular sport in the world and often when people discover the betting exchanges, football is where they look to make a profit…

Whilst you can find an edge trading football in many different ways, the most common way is by digging into a bit of data and finding some profitable angles.

In today’s article, we will look at the best statistics sites for trading football in 2024. Most of them aren’t as complicated as stats like ELO Ratings in football.

Soccer Stats

Let’s start with Soccer Stats!

Soccer Stats is a free website that offers an array of statistical data for the majority of football leagues around the world.

For each of the day game, you get a breakdown of statistics including:

  • Win/Loss Records
  • Goal Times
  • Average Goals Per Game (scored and conceded)
  • Home/Away Statistics
  • PPG (points per game records)
  • Clean Sheet Percentage
  • Breakdown of Half Time/Full Time Results
  • % of games won to nil
  • BTTS (Both Teams To Score) percentage

If you are looking for a site with well-presented easy-to-find data then Soccer Stats is great.

On a busy Saturday with hundreds of games ahead of you. Soccer Stats is an excellent site to go on for a quick statistical rundown of what’s ahead.

Understat Statistics:

Over the last couple of years, the term XG or expected goals has become much more prominent in the world of football. At one point this data was only being used by top-tier football betting experts such as Matthew Benham and Tony Bloom.

Fast forward to 2024 and this data is readily available at On Understat you can look at various expected goal statistics.

  • XG figures for single games
  • XG figures for teams
  • XGA (expected goals against figures)
  • XPTS (expected points figures)
  • XG for individual players
  • XA (expected assists figures)

Understat gives you a lot of data that you can’t find elsewhere. Especially if you want player-specific XG data.

Making it stand out as one of the best statistics sites for trading football in 2024.


Third on the list is Infogol.

Infogol is a really useful site to use for football trading especially when you want information on a live game. They produce shot maps for live games which can really help you see how dominant a team has been.

Most sites will only give you shots on target data. However, Infogol’s use of shot maps tells you exactly how likely a goal was to be scored based on the position of the shot.

If you haven’t been watching a game but are looking to trade the second half. Then looking at these shot maps can give you a great indication of how the first half went and what type of chances have been created.

Best Statistics Sites For Trading Football 2024

The three sites that we have listed in this article can help you delve into various sources of data to help with your football betting and trading.

There are multiple ways to approach football trading, if you want to learn more about football trading we suggest reading the article below!

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  1. Such a shame that Infogol has closed & now moved to Sporting Life football but it doesn’t seem to even be nearly the same!

    Caan do you know if is SL will be updated in due course to be like Infogol or is it lost forever so to speak?

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