Life Post: How to Get Ahead! (Military Influence Question)

how to get ahead

Something a little different:

How do you get ahead in trading, or life in general? 

When I look back, the last ten years has seen my life, outlook and priorities undergo (and still continue) a massive change.

According to Betfair, I opened my account in 2007. I can’t really remember it myself, probably because I trading hadn’t even crossed my mind at that stage. Since then, a mixture of things have taken me on a roller-coaster journey. Much has changed my thinking, which has changed everything…

Facebook Question

Recently a follower asked this question on the Facebook page.

Facebook Question

Note: Despite having no profile picture, after checking, this is a real profile.

For most readers: I can only presume Rich has a military background of some sort, being ‘on tour’ means to be away on active service, such as serving in Afghanistan.

Did being on tour help? Not in the literal sense. I wasn’t really pursuing trading when I was last on tour in 2008… although if I had been, it would have been quite useful. Between all the ups and downs of being away there’s plenty of time to read. In fact, there isn’t anything else to do really – so it’s the ideal time to learn about anything.

Reading and learning is really important. No matter what you do, and particularly in trading; where knowledge is paramount. If I were back then now, I’d probably be reading different material, but I’d certainly be making the most of any spare time- sucking up all the information I could.

Self-control as Rich puts it is also extremely important, the big variable that can’t be taught so easily. It takes a little conditioning, for some more than others… I suspect the military helped me somewhat in this respect. I’ll explain more in a bit though… mainly through beliefs imposed.

As I was thinking about writing this post, I came across an article shared by the Bet Angel page – highlighting the importance of views…


Billionaire Mindset:

Here’s original video…

Billionaire AdviceDon’t Seek Validation from Others

For me, this hits the nail on the head. For success in any respect, be it inside learning the betting markets, or outside in day-to-day life. In order to succeed you have to think differently, subscribe to different views and push on with what you believe and want. Listening to the outside influences usually just stops or slows progress, there’s no upside in it. Of course, you could be wrong and make a mistake, but in my view: at least you’d be certain about that mistake.

Having dropped a note on the post, this reply came:

betangel peter webb

I’m not saying Peter’s a billionaire, I’m sure he wouldn’t claim to be. But being a successful person, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his view should be like this!

It’s taken a long time, and a lot of angst to realise, but I’m of the same sort of view now…

Experiences that Shaped My Life

In a little more depth: How have I made it to this route of thinking?

Not easily.

Having been in the Army it probably helped. Discipline, routine and exercise are forcibly drummed into you. Maybe I didn’t see quite how important they were back then and enjoyed at least two of the three. Now, I make an effort to carry it on – but for different reasons. What the Army did thrust upon me though, was belief. That ‘can do’ attitude.

Right at the core of any success I’ve had is this awareness of self belief. Without it, I’d be screwed, and onto the pile with all the other bitter and twisted ‘can’t-doers’… I struggle to understand them in many cases.

When you think about it logically; why exert all that energy, effort and time thinking – into persuading others something can’t be done? It’s of no benefit to the receiver, me, my family or future. Pointless.

But being aware, and believing you can achieve something isn’t enough though. It takes repetition, discipline, over a prolonged period. It’s a hard one to swallow, living in a world of instant gratification – where the majority expect everything there and then.

Real change takes time in most cases, commitment and persistence. P-Company taught me this more than anything.

I often think back to being stood nervously in line at 5 am in the morning, prior to the next round of physical thrashings. How much do you want this? we would be asked. Starting with +120 entrants, only 23 of us passed… It might not be a 10 mile run carrying 40 lbs, or a couple of rounds milling these days but the mindset remains the same. Persist, keep going, ignore the doubts, stop seeking validation.

Succeeding: False Peaks

Once I began to succeed was probably when I made the most mistakes…

Initially things felt surreal, I was asked earlier in the week by a follower on twitter:

tom question

It cast my mind back to those moments. Once I truly began to succeed, although there had been a steady progression, there was a ‘jump’ in results. It happened over a week or two. When answering the follower I said something along the lines of…

“It was steady to a point, then I got a grip of my mind and it rocketed”

I’d expect most others who have trodden this path would say similar things. I know Andy Fuller, a past contributor to the various forums would talk a lot about how his mindset changed everything for him.

However, succeeding isn’t always what you’d expect. After a couple of months, returning enhanced results I started to believe it wasn’t just luck… strangely I looked for that validation the woman in the video above talks of. It never came.

Mad as it may sound, it was like I expected all the negative influences dragging me back to suddenly turn and say well done… quite the opposite. The people who were once so negative had changed tack, it was now – “it’s okay for you” or “it’s not possible for everyone though is it”. An extremely limiting mindset in my opinion.

As Peter said, their problem, not mine. Will always be the same… Back yourself, keep going.


Warning: Cheap People

Finally, I’ve alluded to this before – an important point. Be wary as to who you invest your time with. I personally found that, as I started to succeed. More and more people would come out with ‘ideas’ to invest in and extravagant things to spend money on. I can say it now – particularly past girlfriends. As much fun as it may have been at times…

Take my advice: don’t do that.

One of the quickest ways to slow down progression, and possibly even reverse it is to spend your time, profits and energy around the wrong people. Don’t become cynical negative and bitter, but be careful at the very least!

Getting Ahead…

What I’m trying to get across here, while sharing a little of my own history is: a large part of success is in your thinking, there’s only one way to ensure you fail. By not trying, or making excuses as to why it can’t be done.

9 Ways NOT to Get Ahead:

  1. Procrastinate
  2. Don’t exercise regularly
  3. Don’t have goals or plan ahead
  4. Stop learning (think you know it all)
  5. Be helpless (feel like a victim)
  6. Don’t reinvest previous successes
  7. No conscious routine
  8. Invest your time in the wrong people
  9. Seek validation from others

Or, you could just do the opposite to all of the above. Earlier in the week I see this quote, quite fitting:

“whoever suggests to me to do less is either not a real friend or very confused”

…or just trying to justify their own reasons.

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17 thoughts on “Life Post: How to Get Ahead! (Military Influence Question)

  1. Hello Caan, this is a truly fab post. I have been self employed for almost ten years and just wish somebody had given me this advice earlier on in life it could not be more truthful.


  2. What a beautiful article!
    From my experience, I can say trading expose some defects and weakness to myself.
    Defects and weakness that I knew were there but the course of life find ways to manage them in a mode to hide them to others, but if you want be a trader, you need to face the true about you.

    Trading make me a better person.
    The best part is: this is a endless auto-discovering.
    Saluti from Milan

  3. why didn’t you just say this before? .. kidding, this is truly the most honest article I’ve read in this industry for years.. take care and thank you x

    1. ‘Avoid a conscious routine’ is listed as a something NOT to do.
      Caan, do you mean that you SHOULD have a conscious routine?

        1. Cool. To be honest though it’s raised more questions than it’s answered.

          The answer is probably too big for on here but how do you find that sweet spot between discipline and not having a conscious routine? Perhaps my trading has become too mechanical because I’m still only breaking even after about 6months fulltime, and desprarately looking for what my problem is to tip the balance.

          You’ve given me a lot to think about with your comment about conscious routine… all I have to do now is guess what it means 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for this post. It is very relevant to many areas of my life at the moment, from trading to family right through to my political views. Feels serendipitous. Grateful for your sharing.

    Big respects


  5. necessity is the mother of invention, an old quote , but how do you make something a necessity ? Answer . from deep within you ,grab a goal, and feel it with your soul, until it becomes part of your being filling you up with a white hot desire for that goal ,then that becomes necessary to achieve it and if you’re affected by opinions of others DON’T TELL ANYONE ABOUT YOUR GOAL. here’s an old writing advice , DON’T TELL SHOW!! SO SHOW THEM

  6. Great post it’s amaz how the human mind is programmed to think in a negative way from a young age free are minds and let are spirits fly thanks Caan

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