Market Feeder Pro for Betfair: Is it Best For You?

Market Feeder Pro Features

Market Feeder Pro (MF Pro for short) is a comprehensive trading application that allows you automate Betfair activity in a clear and concise manner.

Once configured, you can then leave it to place the bets for you, while you go about your daily business. All of which sounds great, but is it the best package for your needs?

In this article, we will give you all the key information that will help you decide.

Try it out the free trial for yourself by clicking here.

What is Market Feeder Pro?

The central tool inside Market Feeder Pro is the triggers. These triggers are simple instructions you can design and combine to program most sophisticated betting strategies. Once set, they will run time and again, retaining full control over your bets.

MF Pro has been around almost since the dawn of Betfair. The first version was released in 2004. It immediately grabbed the attention of bettors who wanted to automate their betting. That’s when the authors and developers of the program, WellDone Creative Software Ltd, came up with the concept of “triggers” – commands you can use to program your own customised bot. Now, 15 years later, MF Pro is represented by a whole ecosystem of betting enthusiasts, a VPS service to run MF Pro 24/7, and a powerful backtesting tool Time Machine which allows you to quickly test almost any of your strategies in a safe environment (more information on that shortly).

MF Pro is used in every country where Betfair has business, and the company is proud to be one of the first official Betfair Software Vendors.

Why Use Market Feeder Pro?

As the developers explain in their promo video, MF Pro will relieve the pain of those who are tired of paper betting, spending hours polishing their approach.

Simply put, once you’ve set up your triggers and tested them with virtual money, you can literally walk away from your computer while the program does the rest.

All activity is logged for you, so you may check on return…

That’s exactly what Oxa, one of the developers, does as part of her Triggers in Action project. She runs each strategy non-stop for at least 7 days and then reports on the results.

Note: you can download and run these triggers yourself if you like.

To further remove manual work from the equation, Market Feeder Pro has an embedded Market Locator for automatically searching and adding markets to your criteria, which you can also key in using a market search editor.

If you are used to other software’s, to help you get started MF Pro offers a number of traditional betting tools, such as one-click betting, green up, Dutching and the Ladder.

This program also has the ‘Test Mode’ in which you can bet using virtual money.

MF Pro’s Technical Requirements:

MarketFeeder Pro will run on Windows only. You will need:

  • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4, Windows XP Service Pack 1, 2, Windows Vista or higher.
  • CPU: 1.6 GHz or higher
  • RAM 512 MB or higher (1Gb if you use Excel)
  • Hard drive space: 20 MB or more (for logs)
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
  • Speedy Internet connection

For non-Windows OS, see their BetVPS service for an extra fee.

Why is this Betting Software Different?

In short, MF Pro is like multiple bots in one. Fancy a Dutching on the top three favourites in AUS Greyhound with a multi-step loss recovery plan? No problem!

Changed you mind and now want to lay on the draw while backing on Over 1.5 goals in all football games with at least £10,000 in matched money? That’s fine too.

How about repeatedly laying a serving player in tennis? Backing the steaming horse whose pre-off price was at least 20 ticks higher than the favourites? Just load the right triggers!

Other automated software’s don’t have such flexibility.

Also, MF Pro features another unique tool – Time Machine. Just like its name suggests, it allows you to go back and forth in time, backtesting your betting strategies against real markets that took place in the past. It has hundreds of thousands of real historical data downloaded from Betfair (under their Historical Data Licence), for you to verify and error-proof all your staking plans.

Triggered Betting:

MF Pro can rightly be called the pioneer of triggered betting, which they started implementing at the time when one-click betting and Dutching calculators were still the ultimate dreams of an average bettor.

Market Feeder Pro has a list of over 50 “triggers” you can program: from the actual betting to writing data to a file and playing a sound. Using the user-friendly Triggers Editor, you can quickly put together your first trigger or load one of the many triggers available in their extensive library.

There are tens of ready-to-use trigger examples to browse through, and a bunch of triggers available to download.

One of the most popular trigger files, the Over/Under Martingale, looks like this:

Market Feeder Pro Trigger Screen

I would say that the learning curve is a bit steep, given all the conditions, parameters to choose from, variables and settings. Many will find this mind-boggling, especially if they are in need of a quick fix. Like any software that claims to be a universal solution, this one takes time to master…

The company offers a trigger development service, whereby for £9 (minimum) you can request your betting idea to be programmed and tested by a member of their staff. A subscription to Market Feeder Pro also comes with a free trigger request.

Market Locator

Market Locator, being part of MarketFeeder Pro, allows you to search for markets where you want to trade by user-defined criteria.

It has a market search scheduler that can check for new markets at a predefined interval and add them to your list automatically. There is a limit of 300 markets at a time though, so you’ll need to narrow down your search criteria. Maybe something they could improve on.

The Time Machine Feature:

Time Machine is a built-in backtesting tool. Imagine the usual Betfair markets that refresh, go in-play and settle 15 times as fast as in real life. Add to that the ability to go back and forth along the timeline. This, in a nutshell, is what Time Machine can give you. You can do all the standard things: place bets, refresh markets, watch runners get withdrawn, goals scored, sets completed, etc.

You’ll have the power to rewind these events as if they were an interactive YouTube video.

Time Machine Market Feeder Pro Screen

Time Machine has hundreds of thousands of real markets recorded and stored under the Betfair Historical Data Licence, which means that, unfortunately, you’ll have to pay a small fee for each market. However, the good news is that the data you purchase is yours for good, so you can test new strategies across all the historical markets that are already in your library.

A monthly subscription to Time Machine costs £6.


WellDone Creative Software has a special offering for those who are constantly on the go or don’t have access to Betfair (for example, if they’re living in a country where Betfair is banned).

For an extra fee, their BetVPS service allows you to run MF Pro 24/7 on one of their pre-configured virtual servers, with full access to MF Pro via the Remote Desktop Software and the ability to view account statement and program logs using any browser.

This even makes it possible for Linux and macOS users to also use MF Pro, as they don’t need to actually install it on their systems.

MarketFeeder Supportive Help?

Support is offered via the online ticket system (a ticket is automatically opened when you email them). They speak English, Portuguese and Russian. Unfortunately, they don’t offer support on the phone, but you generally get a quick and qualified response to your questions.

Also, there is a vibrant community of actual MF Pro users to whom you can turn for advice on their forum. The developers are active contributors to that forum, answering daily to even most inquisitive members. There is an abundance of learning materials on their website, including the manual, video tutorials, trigger examples and articles to learn from.

For this reason, their support is well rated.

How Much Does it Cost?

All MF Pro offerings come as subscriptions, with terms ranging from 2 weeks to 1 year, the cheapest being a 2-weeks subscription for £10. New users can take a 1-month free trial of Market Feeder Pro, Market Locator and Time Machine.

Overall Conclusion…

Well, there’s a lot to digest there!

However, it’s pretty clear – Market Feeder Pro is one of the top Betfair Apps out there. Being one of the quickest to innovate in the beginning has put them ahead of the pack. On the downside, it could be a little complex for some users, but the reality is – automation isn’t a simple topic. The nice thing being, they don’t hide this.

If you’re interested in creating automated triggers and rules of your own, it has to be a must-try, even if it’s just for the free trial.

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One thought on “Market Feeder Pro for Betfair: Is it Best For You?

  1. Hi Caan,
    Thanks for the review. I haven’t tried this product yet and will have a look for sure.

    Just a quick comment on the third party trading platforms I have tried over the last ten years (that peddle the ‘set and forget’ fantasy by marketing themselves as bot capable) the reality is that without specific matching capability especially during active or volatile market conditions, they are not worth a cracker.

    The manual ladder interfaces are great, and the Cymatic Trader excel trigger is great for semi automation, but I’ve yet to encounter a product that can reliably get you in and out of a trade in play or near the off in an active market, while you are having a pint with your mates. I feel it’s really important to educate the newbies and dreamers about this reality.
    The profitable automated operators don’t touch these products and all develop their own platforms from the ground up. Controversial maybe, but that’s been my experience.

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