Mid-Morning Market Mover (Today’s Trading)


Following the feedback from this recent blog post, I thought I’d do another…

I’ve seen one or to comments recently asking to see a trade or green-screen. I really don’t understand the fascination with it as they don’t really help anyone, it just massages the ego of whoever posted it. Plus some have been caught manipulating images, selectively plucking results and well, just lying.

Aside from large endorsements like:

There’s another thing that can’t be manipulated. Pointing out a potential move before it develops, as I’ve done in the past.

* I know there’s more, I just can’t be bothered to look for them. There’s a thread inside the community forum too.

Calling it Early?

So, with that in mind, let’s get on to a relatively early spot that was shared earlier on today (10:27 am to be precise).

The race start time was 12:40 pm (Lingfield).

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Mid-morning skim and Thechildrentrust for Gary Moore in the 12:40 seems to be attracting one-way money so far. Not really a big enough sample to form a heavy opinion but interesting.

Gepostet von Caan Berry am Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2019

Note: I’m not a fan of doing this as things can change relatively quickly in the markets, part of my edge is speed and reaction. All it takes is a gamble to start elsewhere in the market and things are thrown off. That said, there’s a thread inside the community forum that talks about daily opportunities like this. In future, I’ll make more of an effort to post them up there.

How Did it Go?

Having spotted the imbalance, the market started to move shortly after. By around 11.15 the price was trading below 9.2. An hour further on and thousands had been matched below the initial snap-shot’s price. From memory, some money traded at 8.0 within a couple of hours of mention.

10.5 → 8.0

Not bad, right? 

Come post-time the price bumbled about a bit as others were supported. The horse also went on to put in a decent run.

Courtesy of timeform:

Timeform Results

Sure, a two-point move isn’t going to get us a Lambo but it could have been far worse. Finding this market anomaly didn’t take too long either, as per the market movers section of the video course.

Trading conditions are pretty bleak during the week at the moment so keeping expectations low is wise. However, as we hit the festive period there will be a few bonza days. Typically Boxing Day (if you’re not busy with the family) is a cracker, as long as there isn’t any snow…

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12 thoughts on “Mid-Morning Market Mover (Today’s Trading)

  1. Good to see you doing a blog on this after I had been actively watching (and even engaged with you on Twitter). I’ve only just finished the basics in the video course so I look forward to seeing how this info ties in with the market movers section.

  2. How did you know this? See it on my morning break but didn’t pay attention.
    Haven’t seen anyone else brave enough to promote a trade in public before it happens!!
    Hope to see more of them in the future!!

    1. Something will happily discuss in the member’s community/. Would love to here but obviously there has to be a benefit to being a subscriber etc. The best stuff goes there.

  3. Haha good on ya but I wouldn’t worry I’m sure the critics will magic up some reason to have a dig. Betfair chose you to represent their brand for a reason and this proves it. Can we get some more morning vids in the pack please?

    1. Part and parcel mate, always going to be bitter people 🙂

      Another upgrade is inbound. Will make a note about morning to afternoon stuff yes.

  4. Hi Caan, I’m following your YouTube channel and I always watch your videos about betting.. I would like to ask one question.. Have you ever heard about Bet Agents (or Bet Brokers).. I’m talking about Asianconnect, Sportmarket, Betinasia and all that kind of stuff.. Do you use them? Are they reliable?.. What do you think about it in general? Thank you 🙂

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