The Best Football Leagues for Trading on Betfair

The new football season is upon us and in today’s article, we are going to take a look at the best football leagues for trading on Betfair.

More liquid, More Efficiency

When looking at the best football leagues for trading on Betfair the first question you have to ask is. What is your trading style?

If you are a trader that is looking to scalp markets, get in and out as quick as possible. Take advantage of set pieces, injuries and reduce your liability as the clock ticks closer to 90 minutes. Then ultimately you want there to be a lot of money in the market that enables this style of trading.

  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • Serie A
  • Ligue 1
  • La Liga
  • Brazil Serie A
  • Champions League
  • Europa League

The leagues above attract a lot of money on the exchanges and can be ideal markets for this style of trading. In leagues with lower liquidity, you will find gaps in the market and levels of money flow that are not suited to scalping.

Less Liquid, More Value?

If you are a trader that is looking for value and more obvious errors in the market, then looking towards some of the smaller leagues that attract less money could be the answer.

Lesser-known markets such as the Polish and Swedish football leagues do not attract the same amount of money. However, this can be favourable to us as football bettors and traders, as the odds compilers spend much less time pricing these games.

If Harry Kane gets injured during a Tottenham game, you can be sure the market will adjust to this in seconds. However, if Legia Warzaw’s best player hobbles off during a game then the in-play market is going to take a lot longer to adjust to this information.

As a new trader targeting some of these leagues with lower liquidity can be very profitable. Using a purely statistical approach or relying on watching games live. Most bettors will find these lesser looked at leagues easier to profit from.

Where Are The Goals?

Perhaps you are a trader that is looking for goals and volatility in the markets?

Below is a list of the average amount of goals per game scored in the most popular European leagues (Using data from games played in 2022.)

Bundesliga – 3.17
Eredivisie – 2.97
Austrian Bundesliga – 2.93
Belgian League – 2.89
Ligue 1 – 2.87
Premier League – 2.83
Scottish League – 2.69
Serie A – 2.65
Portuguese League – 2.53
La Liga – 2.51

If you are a trader that wants to be backing the first-half goal markets, laying the draw or enjoys trading around the excitement of leagues that provide a lot of goals. Then the Bundesliga, Dutch Eredivisie and Austrian Bundesliga are great leagues to consider.

The Best Football Leagues for Trading on Betfair

Overall when looking at the best football leagues for trading, the biggest thing that you have to ask yourself is.

  • How do I want to trade?
  • What is my edge in this market?

If you are still looking to find your style of football trading, we suggest reading the article below.

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