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I’ve had a lot of time off lately, although its peak season for trading i’ve taken time out to make sure i enjoy the sun. Its not often we get weather like this in the UK so it’d be rude not to enjoy it!!

One think i noticed this week is the events that have unfolded in big brother, while i cant stand Hazel and what happened this week its thrown up a bit of an interesting angle. Currently the public hate her and she was about 250 the last time i checked, however this week she is immune from eviction and the housemates inside the house don’t seem to share the publics hatred, probably because they aren’t aware of what she’s like.
So for that reason im going to back her with what i currently have outstanding on the market, if she survives this week without upsetting everyone and is not put up for eviction next week i would of thought her odds will have fallen and quite possibly in two weeks time it won’t be so fresh in everyones mind, a little bit of a long shot but good luck if you have a go!

3 thoughts on “A different scene…..

  1. Hi Caan.
    Working my way through your blog from the start and great to follow the journey.
    Given where you are now and what you know, would you still recommend Jack Birkhead’s Sports Trading Journey?
    It’s available again

  2. Hi Micheal,

    I think i wouldnt deter anyone from it although im no longer doing anything with Jack.

    In the future its likely i may release something i would consider of better value.


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