Betfair trading – How self aware are you?

If you read the previous posts about discipline/beliefs you may remember I touched on self-awareness. It’s a key component to trading the markets so I thought it only right I dedicated a whole post to it. In truth I’ve been putting off this post for far too long, mainly because it’s a massively important one and I wanted to get my point over as best as possible! It doesn’t matter how good your trading strategies are if you can’t get this right in my opinion. So here it is….

2 thoughts on “Betfair trading – How self aware are you?

  1. Good post as always. I am always talking (swearing) to myself while trading. My son says ” what dad?” oh nothing mate just talking to the numbers haha.

    1. Brilliant mate. Such an important subject – sounds mad but I try and imagine myself being someone else watching me trade, what would that person be thinking, what decision would they make….? It really helps to make me step back and stops me getting too ‘lost’ in the moment.

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