Cheltenham Festival Trading #2 of 4: DAY TWO

Cheltenham 2018 2

Blink and you missed it, day two flew by! But what about day 3? I’ll update on that front shortly…

Nose Bleed?

On the whole, day two was decent. However, something I haven’t ever experienced before happened. Typically, I’m not one for nose bleeds and never have been. But on two occasions I felt a little trickle – to then look down and… well, you guessed it.

Could the additional pressure of increased stakes and tension cause such a thing? Who knows, maybe it was a coincidence. Once or twice I did find myself in once or two of those edge of the seat moments (pushing the boundaries). To be expected I guess. The alternative would be to reduce staking, stress and profits for safer trading. There’s a post about scaling and staking here.

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Trading with blood dribbling down my chin was a whole new experience. Another dimension to distractions!

Hopefully, today will be a little different. If not, I’ve got some tissue at the ready. It does leave me wondering though; in times of peak tension, is trading counter-productive to overall health?

The best opportunities are when liquidity is enhanced, but unmatched volumes are not. Think towards the very start of some of these big Cheltenham races. Here’s a quick clip about liquidity from earlier in the week…

Whatever you’re doing; trading, punting, arbing or matched betting…

Best of luck for day 3!

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