Cricket Betting For a Living on Betfair | Mark Iverson

If you’re interested in cricket betting for a living, then Mark Iverson is your man.

There aren’t many public names that have been trading the Betfair markets longer than me, although this week’s betting insiders guest is one of them.

I recall him posting on the geek’s toy forum when I first started, so it was a pleasure to have him on for a chat…

Cricket Betting For 10 Years: Mark Iverson

Mark has been betting and trading on cricket for a living since 2011. He frequents various trading forums as ‘Westerner’and presented at the Betfair trading event a couple of years back.

Listen in as we talk about all things Betfair, including exchange outages and premium charges.

It’s a good one:

If you’d like to read Marks old blog, there is a link here.

Cricket betting and trading is very different to racing and bears a similar market structure to Tennis or Football. There’s an article at the bottom of this post that can explain a little more if you’re interested.

Who is Mark Iverson?

To be clear; Mark is not Mr. X, another professional cricket bettor and courtside player that has posted on this blog in the past. He trades cricket from the comfort of his own home in sunny Wales!

Mark has always traded the markets remotely after reading a book in 2005 that inspired him. As he says in the interview above, the opportunity and vast scaling options were the incentive to take things seriously.

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