Betfair Trading on MAC, iPad & Tablet…

Sports Trading on MAC

Some Betfair traders only have access to a Macintosh – which is a substantial problem if you’re truly serious.

However, it’s not an impossible obstacle to overcome. Shared in the remainder of this article…

For most software you’ll find the official answer is this:

“Unfortunately The Toy and other Windows applications generally don’t support an Apple Mac natively” – The Geek

It’s just not worth the time, money and resources for applications like Geeks Toy, Bet Angel or Gruss Betting Assistant.

After all, they’re all there to make a profit!

Betfair Trading on an Apple Mac:Betfair Trading on Apple Mac

Betfair Trading without software is just a big fat no. You can’t do it if you want to become the best trader you could possibly be.

The reality is that we need one-click betting software, we need to see the ladders and volume of money clearly – and you can only do all that with software.

Some claim to trade using the desktop site, but I don’t know how they do it! Their reaction speed must be very low.

Despite the Geeks Toy being incompatible with Mac, there is a solution.

You have to download software that runs Windows on your Mac. Through this, you can download and use the betting software.

There are a number of Virtualisation software’s like:

  • Bootcamp
  • VMWare
  • WinOnX
  • Parallels
  • Windows VPS

I recommend using VM Ware Fusion as it works a treat on Mac. It operates a virtual machine while you are still using your Mac, allowing you to flick between Windows and Mac book with one click.

Alternative software makes you stick with one platform. Changing from Windows to Mac isn’t easy. You might have your notes in a version of Word for Mac, yet need to use Windows for Geeks Toy – with VM Ware Fusion you can operate both at the same time. It’s almost like, but not quite, running Chrome and Firefox at the same time.

Step 1: Getting VM Ware Fusion

Downloading VM Ware Fusion is easy. All you have to do is go here and follow the download instructions.

From there, it’s very easy to follow and set it up. It has a simple migration assistant that will walk you through the process. It’s important to note that VM Ware Fusion is not free for Mac, so there will be a charge. However, if you take your trading serious – you need one-click betting software.

There is a free trial available so check it out…

Step 2: Your Set-Up

Once you have VM Ware Fusion installed, you then need to focus on trading software.

Using VM Ware is easy, flick up your windows screen viewer and now download the apps you couldn’t previously use (like Geeks Toy or Gruss). If you’re signed in on your email via Chrome, it’s even easier. Flick down the Windows machine and flick up the Mac one!

Once you’ve used it for an hour or so you’ll see that Betfair trading on Mac is almost the same as any other computer application.

Trading for iPad and Tablet?

If you have an iPad or Tablet, there are some software options. However, they’re not as effective as using a desktop PC.

The Betfair App is pretty good, but it doesn’t offer one-click betting or a ladder view of the market. If you’re looking to trade with ladders in a serious way it’s probably best to just drop the iPad or tablet idea…

Alternatively, if it’s just a bit of fun, or you’re thinking about betting courtside there are plenty of other options. As always it’s best to take your time try out some of the free trials available.

For example, traderline has one-touch betting and allows you to view ladders. Perhaps the ladder view is better suited to two options market like Tennis because with Horse Racing it’s less than ideal to focus on one ladder at a time.

Traderline will also show you the charts and has some other features like dutch betting and tick-offset. Placing bets on your phone doesn’t have to be awkward and slow – you just have to find the right software. There is a free trial although, like most tools, there is a subscription fee. If you’re looking to snap in some fast bets at the side of a match or game I would recommend giving it a go.

Other Android Devices…

While traderline is popular among iPhone and iPad users, Android has other options. They have an App called BetOnDroid which is actually very similar – except it’s free!

A lot of courtsiders use BetOnDroid (cricket particularly) as it offers a superb full-screen view of a ladder, has one-click betting along with the ability to green up and cancel bets easily, inside the ladder.

If you’re courtsiding on a long drawn out match, you need something which is going to do all that easily and that’s why it seems to be the courtsiders App of choice!

Mac Trading for Betfair Round-Up:

At the start, Betfair trading on Mac sounds difficult, but it’s just a case of adapting. Taking the time to set-up properly is absolutely worth it.

Getting the right visualisation software and fully understanding how to use it is probably the most drawn-out part. After that, you’re off!

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Mac as the trading hardware of choice but it certainly doesn’t stop users from giving it a go.

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  1. Tried VMware and parallels , parallels I’ve found to be much better , no b issues miltiplatforming either and in fact you can even use Mac apps on the windows side with the integration it offers , only thing I will say is you need a decent Mac plenty ram, powerful processor and plenty of fast storage

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