Top 5 Betfair Trading Posts in 2020: You Don’t Want to Miss


It’s been a tough year for sports fans with cancellations and changes to many sporting schedules, but it’s not over yet!

This is a quick roundup post to share some of the most popular Betfair Trading posts that we made over the last year…

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Time to Exploit Averages?

Average goals markets are one of the most popular in football due to its simplicity, with there being only two outcomes. It also makes for an ideal trading environment, if you know what you’re doing. So it’s no surprise that this one went down well…

Complete post: Profiting From Under/Over 2.5 Goals Strategy

2.5 Goals Strategy Football

Key information like a teams individual goal average (found here) is instrumental in developing a successful strategy. It’s amazing how often history repeats itself in certain situations.

Value in the USA?

A freeze in the racing schedule accelerated interest here, no doubt about that. However, it’s been surprising how that interest has carried on over the following months.

I suspect this is because of the scheduled race times. To somebody who works 9-5 it’s a great place to get started in the markets!

Entire read: USA Horse Racing Strategy.

US Horse Racing Trading Betfair

Just remember to keep an eye on those start times as they frequently change in the USA.

Using Match Motivations to Your Advantage?

Matches that result in a draw trade smoothly in-play. Time decay is consistent and gradually, appealing to new traders. So it’d be foolish not to see the warning signs for an impending draw…

Whole read: How to Predict Football Draws.

Atletico Madrid xG

The undoing of many in-play footie traders on this one is that ‘rabbit in the headlights’ feeling. You don’t want to get caught out holding onto the idea of something that isn’t happening, be warned.

Why the Panic?

Eek a recently controversial one for some. I suspect Betfair weren’t keen on reading it either but we like to keep it real here. If you’re getting set up, and particularly if you’re using training mode, you need to read this post…

In full: Betfair Account Suspensions.

Betfair Logo Supsended Account

A few subtle changes can help you avoid a headache on this front.

Evolving to Trade Full-Time

Older, but still going strong. This blog wasn’t published this year although many of you are still dropping in comments and having a read. It’s timeless, and essential reading if you’re to give this a proper go.

What stage are you at?

In full: Trading For a Living.


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