Back to a warmer climate!

 Well that didn’t seem to last too long!

After a week away in Flaine, France im back! It was rather nice to step off the plane into some strong British sunshine although how long that’ll last I don’t know!

It was my first week away snowboarding so i wasn’t quite sure what to expect although I was pleasantly surprised, my friends tell me i picked it up rather quickly which was ideal as by the 2nd/3rd day i felt pretty confident and fluent in what I was doing. On arrival if you follow my Twitter feed you’ll of seen there had just been a heavy dump of snow making conditions great. I took a couple of tumbles throughout the week of which a couple were at high-speed, thankfully I didn’t do myself any serious injury!

However after getting the hang of things on the slopes with a sense of adventure we ventured ‘off-piste’ which was some serious fun, for one of the group things got a little crazy when he was finding his own route down through some trees…. Viewing in 1080p is best! Had their have been less snow im not so sure he would have been so fortunate!

All in all i thought the boarding was great and will definitely be going again as soon as possible! I even got brave enough to try out a few jumps! (See above) For more photo’s ill add them to the Facebook page here.

So yesterday I got back a little later than expected as I thought I might have time to jump on the fruitful saturday afternoon card, that didn’t happen so I caught what I could – nice to know their isn’t skill-fade over the space of a week, if anything I think a little time off can aid one’s mental outlook on the markets!



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